Cold Spots

I was out walking the other day and I felt that weird chill down my spine a bunch of times, and it really freaked me out! I went right back home after that, but I made a note of the places that I felt that cold…

Would anyone be able to do me a favour and help me investigate by taking pictures at these locations around the Dighty?

  1. The Blue Bridge with all the fish!
  2. A mysterious stone culvert.
  3. A collection of felled trees just off the path on the way to the old stone culvert, toward the burn.
  4. Near the old mill sluice gate in Drumgeith park.
  5. Amidst the trees near Finlathen Aqueduct.

Or anywhere along the Dighty you’ve felt a presence!

You will want to take this map.

Submit your pictures to the Dighty Connect Facebook Page or on Twitter with the #Seonadh hashtag so I can find them, develop them and see if we can see anything from beyond…

This way!

Stay tuned…

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