Cleansing Ritual

Thanks for gathering all of the book pieces… now we know how to get rid of this spae-wife!

Cleansing Ritual instructions showing eight marked stones.

I say we head to Finlathen park… we can meet by the playpark/pavilion at 2PM on Sunday (October 27th, my birthday!).

We need to find these old stone cleansing charms that used to be used around the Dighty for keeping out evil spirits… I think if we gathered together the right ones and performed the Cleansing Ritual, I might just be able to fight this thing off… I hate to rely on you guys once again, but I know we can do this!

I am feeling so very tired all of a sudden…

Ack, you’s’ll ne’er find the right ains! Dinnae bather I’ll tak good care o’ her body! Yer dealin wi forces yae cannae imagine.

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